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Private Equity

AAKON Capital sources, arranges, invests and manages private equity investments into small and midcap opportunities in the Czech Republic, the DACH and CEE regions on behalf of its investors.

Given the nature of our investor base, we are sufficiently flexible to structure investments into start-ups, developed companies or distressed opportunities as well as special public market opportunities. To date we have invested / exited over EUR 200 mil in the last 5 years.

We seek control and like to contribute our entrepreneurial experience, however would also consider minority investments.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on our commitment to substantially add-value to our partners and investments. Typically we focus on creating sustainable long-term strategies utilizing the full potential of management and employees as well as other technical and financial resources. Our ability and experience provides entrepreneurs and management with unparalleled access to a broad range of resources, providing the basics for future growth and accelerated competitiveness. Post-transaction, we are passionate about adding value. We have the knowledge to optimize business models, facilitate new market opportunities, find economies of scale, source add-on acquisitions and attract new sources of capital from public or private equity markets, mezzanine or senior debt financings.

Investment Strategy

We invest in small and medium sized businesses in all stages of development. Regionally, we focus on businesses in the Czech Republic or neighboring countries, including DACH and CEE. Our transaction range is EUR 1 million to EUR 10 million per deal. As we are privately funded, we do not necessarily seek an exit on our investments.

Investment Criteria

Sustainable competitive edge, differentiation, brand or patent
Scalable and hard to replicate business model with defensible margins
Proprietary concept / products with competitive advantages
Aggressive yet realistic business plan for high growth - organic & acquisitions, domestic & international
Room for development by identifying opportunities to add value through operational improvements
Strong, experienced, innovative and dedicated management team sharing the vision of Aakon, able to swiftly execute strategy into reality