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About Us

Aakon Capital is a privately owned investment company that is managing investments of high net worth individuals from the Czech Republic.

We focus mainly on the following areas:

Asset Management – Aakon Capital manages capital markets portfolios of private clients, who benefit from our flexible asset and currency allocation strategy.
Private Equity Investments – our expertise ranks from venture capital to mid-sized businesses. We have the knowledge to optimize business models, facilitate new market opportunities, find economies of scale, source add-on acquisitions and attract new sources of capital from public or private equity markets, mezzanine or senior debt financings.
Real Estate - due to our experience with investing in the Czech Republic as well as in the USA, we are able to help our clients to efficiently diversify their wealth across all asset classes, while accomplishing above-average returns.


Within Private Equity, Aakon Capital’s mission is to play a transformative role in the economies of this region by identifying and executing entrepreneurial or investment opportunities.

The basic philosophy of our Asset Management is to preserve the value and deliver above inflation return while flexibly reacting to changing market conditions and sentiment. Aakon Capital is providing a one-stop shop for all capital market investments and has long established relationships with major international private banks.